Having visited the EX this past weekend to experience what the majority of other people are there for (Shitty food of course!), here is my scoop on my deep fried binge!

Deep Fried Cookie Dough


This tasted just as good as it looks!  Very flavorful and rich in taste, but not too rich as in the deep fried mars bar!  We had a combination of 3 flavors consisting of chocolate chip , brownie, and red velvet. All 3 flavors tasted great and all offered their unique flavors.  I highly recommend you try this place and try a different combination of flavors.  Its small and perfect for sharing!

Philly Steaklair

philly steakclair

Had to give this one a try as it seemed to combine the best of both worlds with the popular french eclair and a Philly Cheesesteak inside!  Served with warm creme puffed eclair, it looks absolutely mouth watering. Unfortunately the taste did not quite live up to the presentation. The philly cheese steak was noticeably dry.  The warm creme in the eclair compensated for this, but the cheesecake just tasted a bit too bland and overcooked, nothing like an actually fully topped cheesesteak. The eclair was quite good though and the pastry was nice and moist.

Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Mars Bar


mars bar

Who wouldn’t want to try deep fried mars bar! This dish offers a twist from prior years wrapping it in bacon!  Presentation looks mouth watering! Overall it was really good and the bacon offered a nice combination with the richness of the mars bar.  It is however very rich, so its more suitable for sharing.  I would recommend this dish , but if you had to choose one, I would take the deep fried cookie dough over this.


Bug Dog

bug dog.jpg

A gourmet hot dog with added bug protein! Gross right? Well to be honest, there was no gross factor once you get over the thought of eating roasted crickets . It was a pretty good hot dog, but the mustard roasted crickets did not really add much value other then a crunch to go along with the hot dog.  I can see the novelty of the fried crickets being used in places in Asia such as Thailand to go along with beer (similar to how we would eat them with nuts), but on a hot dog it really does not offer much flavor.  A $4 street dog is certainly better and more filling. That being said, it is definitely  worth trying just to say you experienced it and of course for the cool pics!

Chimney Stax


Had the brownie Chimney Stax.  Overall it was good and if you have never had a chimney stax , you have to try one.  That being said, it is not as good as Eva orginal chimney stax.  Eva’s chimney cones tastes like a really good soft serve sundae, where as chimney stax honestly feels more like frozen yogurt. The texture of the chimney staxt is comparable and has more toppings than Eva’s, however it is not quite as good.


Pig Ear Sandwich

pig ear.jpg


This one was a bit disappointing.  The pig ear tasted a bit too salty and overall the sandwich was not very good.  I was expecting it to taste similar to cracking, but it did not quite like up to the expectations. I would therefore not recommend this dish.

In addition to the above, there are several other great must tries including the Churros burger, ramen burger and the beetle juice smoothie :).  Enjoy the final week!