Situated on King west just east of Bathurst, Wvrst is a German sausage hall with swanky sausages, fries, craft beer and of course German beer.

Upon entering, the first thing that you will notice is that there are communal style picnic tables like you would typically see in Germany.  The system that they have in place for ordering food and drinks is a bit unusual in which you order at the front and pay , with food/drinks then delivered to your table.  Alternatively you can order drinks straight from the bar which is generally quicker.

That being said, the service is excellent and the atmosphere is great!

I have had several different sausages with my reviews as follows:

Venison  – Had it topped with the Jalapenos and sauteed onions. It was amazing!  The sausage is very juicy and rich in flavor!   The venison already was topped with a lot of peppers, so I will probably top it off with sweet peppers or sauerkraut  next time rather than Jalapenos to prevent overpowering the taste of the sausage. Either way its delicious!


Kangaroo – This was my least favourite of all the sausages.  I had to try given that it’s Kangaroo and where else are you going to get Kangaroo meat in Toronto!  I had it topped with Jalapenos and sautéed onions so it wasn’t that bad, but it was a bit try. Tasted similar to a dry pork sausage. Given that the Kangaroo meat is very lean meat, I guess this was expected.  Still trying kangaroo meat is an experience on its own!

Rabbit – The rabbit sausage was juicy and rich with flavor. It was much better than the Kangaroo sausage, but not as good as the Venison or Wild Boar.

Wild boar – Absolutely delicious! Very juicy and flavorful. Equally as good as the Venison in my opinion.

wild boar wvrst.png

In addition to the above, there are many other good sausages including Elk, Chorizo and Bison.

In addition to the sausages, no meal is complete without the Duck Fat fries! They are a must! Duck fat fries are absolutely amazing!  The dipping sauce that they provided is a great complement. For balance,  I generally dip them in the spicy Wvrst sauce and roasted garlic chipotle.  There is also the dirty duck fries topped with peppers, Jalapenos and sautéed onions, but personally I prefer just the simple duck fat fries

In terms of the dipping sauces, I have tried Wvrst, roasted garlic chipotle,  Rosemary and  truffle. All the sauces were great and you cannot go wrong with any of them, but my favorites are the spicy Wvrst and roasted garlic chipotle.

In terms of beer, there is a vast selection of German and other craft beers on tap. Last year they had a craft sampling as well in the fall, so hopefully they have one this year as well.

In terms of pricing, Wvrst is a bit on the pricy side.  Although you are paying 3 times what a street dog costs, you are getting what you pay for. There is no comparison between there sausages and a street dog!   This explains why there is generally a big crowd during lunch or after work!