Situated on Queen street just west of Bathurst lies the Italian Bakery Sud Furno.

In addition to selling a wide variety of Italian sweets such as biscotti’s, cookies, cannolis, bambalones (donuts), they also sell sandwiches, panini’s, pizza’s, and other savoury foods.

Upon entering you will notice the wide variety of fresh breads behind the counter including sourdough, olive, and Pane Pugliese.  I have yet to try out the breads, but it looked quite enticing.  It was not too busy the day I went, but on a busy day line-ups go outside the door.

Their pizza’s are roman style of thin and crunchy and served on a wooden plate.  I tried the Matta pizza (pictured below) consisting of red peppers, olives, tomatoes and sausage.  It was pretty good pizza, certainly better than a take out place, but nothing spectacular though. The cappuccino and espresso were really good though.


Their other hot items such as panini’s and sandwiches looked quite good and I will probably give that a try next time.

Their Bombolone’s and Bombolini (mini donuts) are absolutely amazing.  They are a fried sweet donut.  Soft when bitten into and generously filled with nutella!  The Bombolone’s are $3 a donut, expensive but well worth it for a gourmet donut.  The Bomboli’s are a smaller size version (a bit bigger than a timbit) and sell 6 for $10. They are perfect to share in a group or bring back to the office.  (pictured below).


Overall this is a very nice Italian bakery and I will definitely be back to sample some more food items, try out their gelato’s and enjoy a nice cappuccino/espresso. If there is one thing to try at this bakery, try the Bombolone/Bombolini as they are well worth it!

With Sud Furno set to open a new location at the corner of Yonge and Temperance street in early 2017, I can’t wait!