Fugo Desserts is a small dessert shop situated on Dundas street, just east of University. Its fairly new as it just opened earlier this year.

They specialize in Asian inspired soft serve, ice-cream and sundaes.

There is a menu on the painted wall which appears to change based on the soft serve flavors.  Below is their sample menu board.


I sampled the Bangkok brownie sundae and the Early gray soft serve.

I tried the Bangkok brown, essentially Thai milk team soft serve, with two layers of brownies, chocolate drizzle and 2 cookie sticks. The Thai milk soft serve was quiet good! It was very flavourful and not so sweet. However, I think the brownie was just a bit too much. The brownie was a bit dry in flavour and the cookie sticks really did not add much value.  I think the Thai milk soft serve on its own would have been perfect. It was also fairly pricey, at close to $7.  I probably would not try this one again, but if they offered just the Thai soft serve on its own I would.

Bangkok brownie

The early gray soft serve on the other hand was really good, very light and refreshing!  It was probably not the smoothest soft serve I had , but the Earl gray flavor was very prominent.   The single cup serving was a pretty good size. At $4 for one scoop and $5.5 for a double, price wise its pretty reasonable. I would definitely try this one again!



Overall this is a great soft serve place and look forward to trying out different flavours in the near future!

I have heard that their soft serve machine will be closing in a few weeks for winter so better get it soon if your thinking of trying it!