Porchetta & Co is a small sandwich place situated on King Street just east of Portland. This is the second location, with the original one located on Dundas Street West.

It is mainly a take-out place, but there is seating for about 20 people roughly and a small patio. This place gets fairly busy for lunch.

I tried 3 of their different sandwich with my reviews as follows:

House Special Porchetta

The house special porchetta comes Pre-loaded with truffle sauce, parmesan, mustard and hot sauce on a fresh bun. It is an extremely delicious sandwich with the salty and crispy bits of crackling giving it that extra mouth watering taste!  You can get the plain porchetta and top it up to your liking but the house special is the way to go!   This sandwich was very filling as well and for just under 10 bucks that is pretty good value!

House special porchetta


Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Next I tried the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with lettuce, pickles, creamy herb dressing and hot sauce.  The chicken was cooked perfectly, nice and moist and I loved the sauces! Definitely one of the better chicken sandwiches I have tried.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken


Jerk Fried Chicken

Lastly I tried the Jerk fried chicken special consisting of oxtail gravy, scotch bonnet mayo, creamy coleslaw on a coco bun. The sandwich was delicious and mouthwatering. Loved the oxtail gravy! The coco bun was also quite good as well. The only flaw was that it was not quiet as spicy as I anticipated and needed a bit of the hot sauce to give it that extra kick. But overall it was amazing and definitely a step up on the chicken sandwich.

Jerk Fried Chicken

Porchetta & Co often do sandwich specials on Thursday and Friday. One of the sandwiches that I would like to try in the near future is their Korean fried chicken one!

Overall this is a nice hidden gem on King Street west and a perfect go to place when you want to grab a quick bite to go!

Porchetta & Co

545 King St. West, Toronto