Loaded Pierogi is a restaurant and vodka bar located on Church street, near the St. Lawrence Market.

The food menu is simple, similar to what you would find in a food truck. That being said, the food concept is very innovative and absolutely  delicious!

I went with the mushroom & Truffle pierogies with goat cheese, green onions, sour crème and truffle oil.  I opted for the traditional boiled pierogies. There was also an option for half/half.

Mushroom & Truffle Pierogi

The pierogies were cooked perfectly and tasted delicious! The mushrooms and truffle oil tasted great and the goat cheese gave it a nice creaminess on top.  I like how the sour crème was served separately on the side so you have the option of dipping them in it rather than spreading it all over. The serving was very filling!

Some of the other popular options that I will definitely try next time are as follows:

SMOKING PIG ROAST –  Smokey BBQ pulled pork, center cut bacon, chorizo sausage, cheddar cheese, sour cream & green onions.

BUFFALO CHICKEN  -Crispy breaded chicken breast, tossed in their medium spiced BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, buttermilk ranch dressing, sour cream & green onions

The porky pig also looks really enticing!

In addition to the pierogies, vodka is another main attraction on the drink menu. The best value for vodka is  the $12 flights consisting of a 3 different shots.

In terms of seating, there is a fair amount of tables , but take out is a popular option. They also also take out via Ritual which is very convenient

Loaded Pierogi

9 1/2 Church Street, Toronto