Situated on Yonge and Davisville lies the Little Sister Indonesian Food bar.

Little Sister serves Indonesian-Dutch tapas dishes.

Walking by the location its very easy to miss the place as its very small inside, with a bar/lounge upstairs.

We booked a reservation in advance and had our own individual table, but many of the others were seated at a large communal table. The communal tables (overlooking the open kitchen) are not for everyone but great for large groups.

Given that it was the first time my wife and I were trying Indonesian food in Toronto, we were  fairly excited!  We previously tried Indonesian food in Amsterdam (Indo Dutch style) and in Bali (Balinese style Indonesian), but never in Toronto.

Little Sister did not disappoint!

There is a really nice ambiance to the place.  It’s small, cozy and hip with the sound of 90’s hip hop blaring in the background!  I read a lot of previous reviews complaining about how loud the music was, but it did not bother us at all.

Our server recommended that typically couples will order 4-5 tapas style snacks and 1-2 larger tapas plates.  We had 4 of the smaller plates and 2 of the larger ones and were quite full at the end of the dinner!

The cocktails at Little Sister are amazing! They definitely serve one of the nicest cocktails in the city! There is so much variety: spicy, sour , sweet, whatever you want! The signature cocktail list definitely delivers!

In the first picture below (not the greatest of pictures due to poor lighting 😦   ), we have the Bali Red Eye and Ubud Hangout cocktails, Beef Rendang tacos and Pangsit (Wontons filled with beef).

The Bali Red Eye cocktail was really good!  It had a really nice kick to it.  The Beef Rendang tacos and Pangsit were also really delicious and complemented perfectly with the cocktails.

Cocktails – Bali Red Eye, Ubud Hangout, Tapas snacks – Beef Rendang Tacos & Pangsit

The cocktails were so good that we had to have another one!  We followed this up with the Little Brother Cocktail  ( This consisted of tequila, ginger-sumac syrup, lemon & pomegranate.  Really amazing and not overly sweet!

Pictured below are the Chicken Satays (top right),  Babi Panggang (Pork Belly)  (bottom left) and Semur Java (Javanese dark spiced braised beef with crispy potato )  (bottom right)  We also had the Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice) on the side.

Our favourite dish hands down was the Pork belly. It was melt in your mouth delicious!  The chicken satayas were also really good and we loved the peanut sauce.

The Semur Java was a bit lackluster compared to the other dishes.  It just overall seemed to lack some flavour.

Although just basically fried rice, the Nasi Goreng was really good and fills you up!

Little Brother Cocktail, Chicken Satays, Babi Panggang (Pork belly), Semur Java

Price wise little sister is a bit on the expensive side, but I would say its reasonable and on par with various other tapas bars in the city.

We look forward to returning in the new future!

Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar

2031 Yonge Street, Toronto